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Welcome to Nomadica Brainstorming

Nomadica Inc. is the mothership for a series of technology projects. Companies spun off from Nomadica and its founders include Patrol Software, which pioneered the first event-driven distributed applications management system with total sales in the billions of dollars, Proxima Technologies, and the public company Quest Software.

Today, Nomadica is incubating a number of in-house projects in a variety of markets involving both hardware and software innovation. Each project is staffed with the smallest possible team and shares resources with the other in-house projects.

Some projects may perish along the way as market forces or technological challenges prove too difficult. Other ideas will mature into the promising technology companies of tomorrow, and will leave the nest to develop their own corporate identity. As each project grows we look for people that love running with a good idea and that bring a variety of talents - from marketing, to development to design. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about us and our projects.

Nomadica staff is located mainly in Barcelona, Spain and the Bay Area in California but has collaborators around the world. Projects currently being worked on include: tools to facilitate remote collaboration, re-utilization of legacy technology in smart devices, virtual world scenarios for ecommerce applications, and a novel financial literacy system for an interesting target market.



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    Are you a programmer, web designer or a business school grad keen to take on a hot new product?

    Come to Barcelona and work with Nomadica Brainstorming at our offices near the beach.

    You'll work on hot new high-tech products and be in Europe's coolest city.

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  • News

  • Virtualissimo Project Fully Staffed!

    Graphic artists and programmers are coming together to develop a very novel app that hopefully will be part of your life very soon.

    Watch this space for more info or come have a look. We are near the beach in Barcelona -- that's where we do our "brainstorming"!
  • Nomadica Grabs eMartians.com Domain Name!

    Given that Martians are in everyone's future, we were excited to nab the domain eMartians.com for our extra-terrestrial project.

  • Open Source Project Launched

    Nomadica launches an open-source project which hopefully will gather interest around the world. OVO - - is a tool for startups or small groups who want to communicate in a fun and realistic way even though they may be sitting world's apart. Game-ify your Startup!